From Daniel Desure's Commonwealth Studio came Total Luxury Spa. A community based zine publishing imprint turned clothing brand based in LA and more recently NY.

Daniel: "Commonwealth Projects is a creative studio with a longstanding commitment to Los Angeles. Our inclusive approach yields an extensive social and professional network of clients, friends and collaborators. Together, we build real things – space, art, and communication – that are essential to flourishing communities, inspired cultures and meaningful institutions. We command the necessary resources to realise and populate ambitious projects".

Total Luxury Spa started in 2014, with the mission of “strengthening the community through promoting wellness and spirituality.” Their focus is on lifting often overlooked communities including their own. An area where Daniel and artist and art director Hassan Rahim draw heavy inspiration. 

The brand became well known for their Crenshaw Wellness series which paid homage to a local vegan restaurant and the chef, Mr. Wisdom, with 50% of proceeds given to the restaurant, which has since shut down.


Hassan has recently started up his full service creative studio; 12:01 and has worked with brands such as Nike and Urban Outfitters. His early worked was based around creating cover art for singles, EPs and full length albums. He's also one of the founders of publishing company Shabazz Projects; a progressive publishing platform creating books and objects with an emphasis on contemporary art and photography.

Basically these are some very real guys!

The new collection available now is no exception and features prominent figures from the community. 

TLS - "This project is about the ones that came before us that helped build communities.This campaign will help support The Umoja Center which is helping fight back against gentrification through policy change and the purchasing of local land and businesses to create a more equitable future. We're excited to share how those funds will go to use - stay tuned for more".

Styling by Bephie, wardrobe by Union LA, Photography Melodie McDaniel.

 Sika, who coins himself the mayor of Leimert Park and is an active member of the community, runs a shop called Sika. Sika is photographed in his shop.


 Paris runs a local mechanic shop called The Shop II, where he works on many local motorcycles. Paris lost his shop when the recession hit, but he recently got it back and is photographed in his shop.

Baba (Clarence Eziokwu Washington) is an elder in the community that helps run the We Can Foundation, a non- profit corporation organized to provide access to education and economic opportunities for individuals in technologically under-served communities. Baba is photographed outside of Tame Salon, also located in the same shopping center.

Check selected items from the collection here.