We got our mate Mr Ben back at it again. These stupidly cute slipware mushroom paperweights were handmade by Ben in his garden shed (The Melody Shed) In Sheffield. Made from hard wearing terracotta clay. Each mushroom is different to the next.

The shrooms were thrown directly off a hump of clay which has lead to their individual characters. They're left to dry for a couple of days and then ceremoniously dipped into white slip. Immediately a cobalt wash is dripped onto the wet slip and marbled by a slow spinning motion. The proceeding waves and branch like shapes slowly find their place on the piece, giving the designs a totally unique look. 

The package is finished with an original watercolour drawing and a free download of an exclusive ambient electronic EP by Mr Ben ‘The Mushroom Villagers’. So place your piece somewhere special, put on some headphones, and relax knowing you are looking after a special character from The Mushroom Village.

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