Testing Times for sure. This is already proving to be a tricky one to navigate for a lot of us from a personal, family and particularly a business point of view. As I've mentioned before Tomorrow is a one man army. I say "we" a lot of the time because I have a circle of good people around me that feel a part of this.

We had a lot of exhibitions, collaborations, events and pop-ups arranged over the coming weeks and months that unfortunately won't be going ahead. Being a very young business means that we rely fairly heavily on such functions in order for us to continue doing what we do. It's definitely thrown a spanner in the works for everyone. We understand that this is going to be a financially difficult and even possibly a payless period for a lot of people and currently we can't be sure exactly how it will affect business more than it already has. All we ask is that you continue to try and support the small businesses that you believe in that need you most during these times. Although big businesses will be affected they will most likely still be here on the other side but your favourite independent may not. Your support more than ever is hugely appreciated. No one is asking anyone to buy something for the sake of it but if you're in a position to buy something you like from a business or person that you like, you're helping towards keeping it moving. 
In light of all this we're releasing the "Tough Times Tee"in both Adults and Kids sizes. A percentage of the profits from each T-Shirt purchased will go to my little boys Pre School - The Meanwood Valley Pre School which is a local charity based and funding dependant institution that relies on donations to exist and who are staying open as long as possible to support the kids of critical workers. The Tees are available now as pre-order and if we get enough orders to justify printing them then we will! If not all orders will be refunded in full with immediate effect. Please put your order in by this time next week as we will be printing them to order then. To be clear the T-Shirts will be made to order and so won't be available otherwise. Thanks as always to our wonderful mates at Catalogue for the artwork. Please do what you can by sharing this post / grabbing a tee  / signing up to the newsletter / spreading the word. 
Whilst this will negatively affect our margins we will be offering free UK postage and 15% off site wide (we'd prefer you didn't use this on the Testing Times Tees) through this time. We are aware that a lot of the big businesses offering much larger reductions currently but it's simply not viable for us. Hopefully we're offering something different.  
On a positive note we’re not wishing time away but we are looking forward to being on the other side. The sun will (should) be out, we’ll be steppin into our Summer garms to go places other than the supermarket, we'll be playing tunes with our mates and everything will feel that bit sweeter. There's a lot to learn from this and It'll help us all realise what’s important or what we've taken for granted before. We're already missing the daily interactions with not just friends and family but the small exchanges with the people running our favourite local spots. Hang in there and lets keep helping each other out. Find out who the old people are in your community and see what you can do. 
Cheers, Tom.