We've made this T-Shirt available in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Every penny made from the Tees will go directly to Black Lives Matter. The aim is to get at least 50 orders to ensure a sizable donation. Let's do everything we can to face this revolting situation now and forever.

The fact that I'm even saying these words is mindblowing. Sad and disappointed doesn't nearly cut it. It's time to take notice and act at every opportunity or this won't go away. This is every single persons responsibility. Stop this shit right now. Make donations, find information, sign petitions. You can do that here. "This doesn't go away once the topic isn't trending" so lets keep it moving for good. 

The Tees are available now as pre-order. Please put your order in by this time next week as we will be printing them to order then. Please do what you can by sharing this post, grabbing a tee, donating, protesting, calling out racism as you see it, chatting with your family, your kids, yourself, by challenging stereotypes and by keeping the conversation alive. Expect to receive your order in around a week and a half. This is about the people not the product. Thank you all as always.