Come join us on the 7th August for the launch of the Close Company Tee / Sweatshirt & Zine packs. The idea behind the campaign came from our desire to share our good and bad experiences as an independent business, but also to celebrate the beauty by highlighting our friends, neighbours, supporters & fellow indies. We want to thank all of the independent businesses involved, all of which are real friends, people we chill with, drink with, play music with, work with, actively support and who do the same for us. A percentage of profits from each item sold will be donated to Pafras, a charity that gives help, support and advice to refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds.

The items will be available online after the 7th subject to availability. 

Thanks to all friends of Tomorrow and the independent businesses involved. Welcome, Wayward, Village, Bowery, Wens, Screw Gallery, Greens Grocers, Released, East St Arts, Mrs Athas, Outlaws, Eat Your Greens, MAP Charity, Cosmic Slop, Jumbo Records, Pafras, Manjits Kitchen, Lightabox, Thai Aroy Dee, Alto Radio, Printshop.