We fired over a few questions to the elusive figurehead behind RAMPS to find out more about what drives the brand and get a glimpse behind the scenes at where the magic happens.

Photos courtesy of RAMPS / Interview by Tom Dyer

An Interview With Ramps Tomorrow Store Leeds

When and how did RAMPS come into existence?

Autumn 2016. I started out buying vintage tee's and sweats off eBay then printing graphics onto them. I would go out at 4am to hang them up round Soho or Shoreditch. Not sure how many of them got picked up? I still do the odd one now and again.

Where are you based out of?

I print in my garage/workshop and design wherever I can find space to - usually perched at the end of my turntables.

Who is your favourite artist at the minute?

Trilogy Tapes / Will Bankhead always has some decent bits. It's got a different look to other brands out there which is nice.

What's your favourite RAMPS product you've made so far?

The 'Rats' tee - the graphic wasn't something I planned to do on a tee. I had it pinned on my notice board for ages. It got a great reception which was a bonus!

An Interview with Ramps Rats T-Shirt Tomorrow Store Leeds

'Rats' by Ramps

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Zines, Instagram, kids books, random idea's I get when I'm out running... Everywhere really.

What's your favourite t-shirt design of this year?

The Real Bad Man Season 1 logo tee with a white base. Smashed it!

Who are you listening to right now?

Handsome Boy Modelling School - So... How's your girl? Sick album.

What has 2019 got in store for RAMPS?

Aloha shirts, more tee's and maybe a mix tape.

Your stuff is printed on heavyweight recycled cotton which is made in the USA which is a cool and admirable route to take. What influenced that decision?

There are so many brands out there nowadays I didn't want to be adding to the waste and landfill situation [of fast fashion] so the cotton used on the tee's is made up of waste fibres which are usually thrown away by yarn manufacturers.

Finally, how would you describe RAMPS in a brief sentence?

T-shirts for everyone.

An Interview with Ramps Tomorrow Store Leeds

Have a gander at the photos below for a little insight into RAMPS creative process browse our range of clothing by clicking here.

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An Interview With Ramps Tomorrow Store Leeds

An Interview With Ramps Tomorrow Store Leeds